Antimicrobial Wall Kit, Steel

Perfectly adapted to places where hygiene is a must!

The first system boasting 100% hygiene combining the recognised characteristics of stainless steel and silver ion-treated anti-microbial PVC.

Prefer them to your standard kits on appearance of even the lowest risk of microbial proliferation. The Sterifold pocket is the only one to allow paper information to be provided and organised while putting a halt to germs and bacteria.

  • The kits are especially adapted to work environments subject to HACCP hygiene standards, together with damp environments or those subject to water contamination.

  • Pockets are opened on the inner side (side with pivots) to avoid water infiltration.

  • Stainless steel wall unit equipped with 10 PVC Sterifold antibacterial pivoting pockets.

  • Stainless steel pivots.

  • Available with black pockets.

  • 5 clip-on index tabs (neutral/color inserts).

  • Includes bracket to hold pockets.

  • Infinitely extendable by simply assembling units side-by-side.

Värt artikelnummer: 290405

Producentens artikelnummer: 414567

Unit Amount EAN-code Weight Dimensions
FP 1 3377994145671 0 0 x 0 x 0
KART 10 3377990018313 0 0 x 0 x 0

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